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OT: Put dressing on your salad

Through an email, I just discovered that one of my friends eats salad without any dressing (or maybe sometimes just picante sauce), and I shot back at her with a reply.

Fat/oil is imperative to nutrient absorption. This not only applies to salads but all vegetables, whether raw or cooked. Use some fat!

I never, ever bought into the low-fat thing. I love fat. The marrow in round steak bones (long gone now) was delicious, as was the external fat (cooked until translucent) on a T-bone or sirloin. It's not even available any more, as they trim all that off. Those were the days...!

We have really been hoodwinked in the last 40-50 years. We've replaced real food with processed and refined products high in sugars and carbohydrates. They are destroying our health.

Maybe we're finally coming to our senses. Copy and paste:

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OT: Put dressing on your salad
Re: OT: Put dressing on your salad
It's all the fast food and junk food and fake food
I agree. I can still find a good steak with fat on it. In grocery stores, you can certainly get
Smart to order it on the side, GG. It doesn't take much fat