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OT: Liver & onions. Our 30-year-old granddaughter

asked me last week how to make liver and onions. I haven't made it in many years, so I sort of told her, then I found a video on YouTube that almost matches exactly how my mother used to make it and sent it to her. She had soaked the liver in milk today, and she called me to ask something, so we talked a few minutes, and I told her to call me tomorrow to tell me how it turned out. Then a little later, I thought of something else, and I called her. When I said what I had to say, she said, "I already did, and it's delicious." Whaaaatt???!!!!!!

You have to know, this is a kid who is spooky about mayonnaise, catsup, saucy condiments, cooked carrots, pea salad, sauerkraut, and lots of other things. For her to actually cook liver and onions and deem it "delicious" is so unbelievable to me! haha :clap

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OT: Liver & onions. Our 30-year-old granddaughter
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Re: OT: Liver & onions. Our 30-year-old granddaughter
Maybe she heard it was healthy eating. Mom made liver pretty often(more than I liked)
I soak mine in milk or buttermilk an hour or so. Before I cook the liver,
Follow-up: So, apparently, the lingering taste of each bite