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I just sent out private messages to some of you who are also friends with me on Facebook. This is for anyone who may be friends with Liz David from KRT and I am not aware of that relationship. Please note that I have learned today she has passed away. I hadn't hear from her in a long time. In the past few days, I was getting "people you might know" messages with her name as the common denominator. Most of these people had their name in Asian text, so I checked out her page. ! I can assume that someone has hijacked her page and there is no one to report it to because she apparently died FOUR YEARS AGO! I went ahead and deleted her name from my friends list and I suggest you do the same. Any friend request you get from her is obviously from whoever hijacked her page.

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Notice to Members:
I don't think I knew her, but thanks for the heads-up, GG. RIP, Liz. *NM*
She wasn't around very long and didn't post much. *NM*