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Healthified Re-Fried Beans *LINK*

are made with eggplant or zucchini (I haven't tried the zucchini yet).

I've done the eggplant one twice. The first time, I made it exactly by the instructions, but the eggplant wanted to stick to the pan, so the next time, I steamed it. She says to puree the eggplant and the bacon together and add the other ingredients to the puree, which I did the first time. The next time, I just steamed the eggplant and let it sit until I finished the rest, then pureed it all together.

It is brown like refried beans and even somewhat pasty, too. Pureed in a Vitamix (to process the eggplant seeds so they don't show), I swear I don't think most people could tell they aren't refried beans. They're really good! And a lot less carb-y.

Pretty amazing, actually! I followed the recipe that I linked below (which has a vegetarian option with no bacon), but there are a few on YouTube that use chorizo. You can search for keto refried beans eggplant and get a few videos. I really like the one I linked here, so I may not try any others.

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Does anyone have something they make for supper on Halloween?
We never had anything special for Halloween, but I made a layered dip for DH *LINK*
OK, you got me on this one, Cathy! How do you make refried beans out of eggplant? *NM*
Healthified Re-Fried Beans *LINK*
How interesting! I DO eat beans; but, I want to try this!
I honestly don't think anyone could tell the difference
Spider Deviled Eggs are cute, too. *LINK*