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I honestly don't think anyone could tell the difference

between this and real refried beans. Let us know what you think when you make it.

A few other notes--I did not use the cheese or cilantro options. Also, I only had dried oregano, so I used just a pinch. We don't care for a big oregano taste. And, of course, I used real bacon. But instead of using the original idea of smoking the eggplant on a grill for the vegetarian option, I was thinking last night that you might use some vegetarian bacon bits. Since you have a Vitamix, it would puree them into the mixture unnoticed, except for flavor. And since artificial bacon bits have a much stronger flavor than bacon, I think I wouldn't use too much. Or even just don't deal with that part at all; I don't know how you do your real beans. It's not the bacon itself that makes this recipe taste like real beans anyway. It's the seasonings. You could always just leave them out until you puree the mixture and taste it first, then add the bacon bits if you think it would enhance the recipe.

According to the source recipe, it has half the calories of real beans, about the same amount of protein and fat (which you won't get without the bacon), and the eggplant mixture is about 1/6th the net carbs as the real beans. But I can't vouch for all that myself.

It just really amazed me! I don't know how it will turn out for you, but I hope it works!

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OK, you got me on this one, Cathy! How do you make refried beans out of eggplant? *NM*
Healthified Re-Fried Beans *LINK*
How interesting! I DO eat beans; but, I want to try this!
I honestly don't think anyone could tell the difference
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