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Well, DH has lost 25 pounds since June, and I'm so

tired of cooking! With Keto/low carb, it's almost a necessity. About all I do is cook, load and unload the dishwasher. And the meal planning was a bit of a mess at first, since I couldn't just dive in and make any old kind of meal.

I didn't actually realize how much I relied on potatoes, pasta and beans for side dishes and add-ins. We use a lot of cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini and cabbage, which is a challenge to find different and tasty ways to do them. I did get some asparagus and Brussels sprouts today, though, which are fine for the diet, too. I miss Fritos, pasta and potatoes, though. No Frito/chili pies or crumbled Fritos on salads, no pasta salads, no mac and cheese, no spaghetti or lasagna (neither of which he likes, but I do), no potato salad, no potato soup, no potatoes in other soups, no hash browns, no potato casseroles, etc.

I've found a lot of ways to adapt recipes, and I always think of LuAnn having to do that. Lots of work, some creative thinking here and there, and trial and error.

It's a good thing he's about 2-3 pounds from his goal weight, because here comes Thanksgiving at his aunt's house, and these people are not Keto, for sure. He could actually stay at his goal weight if he didn't mindlessly munch at night watching TV, and it takes the structure of a "diet" for him not to do that.

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Well, DH has lost 25 pounds since June, and I'm so
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