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What's cooking?

I am having some family members come over tomorrow for a cookie exchange. I have made 3 batches of Forgotten Meringues. I tried doubling a batch once and it didn't work out well! I made Cream of Carrot Soup from a cookbook my English friend gave me. I like it and the house smells GREAT. I also mixed up some sugar cookie dough to make cookies to have the ladies decorate, that will be our entertainment! We will have 2 kinds of soup for lunch, some frozen dough rolls (that will look like pumpkins) plus cheese and crackers and mulled apple cider. I also have some goodie bags. And we will also make Poor Man's Turtles.

This is the 2nd year I have done this. Last year we did a lot of baking at our house but this year I decided they could bake at home and we could party a little more! I, again. serged some cute fabric so each person will get a cloth napkin to take home. I like to go to fabric stores after Christmas so I get the good prices!

I am recovering from some surgery and having more on the 9th so this has kept me busy so I don't think about myself as much!

Any special things you are cooking or doing for the holidays this year?

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What's cooking?
I've been stocking up on pralined pecans
We had our Sunday School party last night and I made sausage balls.
What are you sewing, PatM?
Re: What are you sewing, PatM?
Christmas cookies started a week or so
Re: Christmas cookies started a week or so
How are you doing, Jill? Sorry to hear about the need for surgery!
Oh Jill, if only I had seen this