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Creole Chicken and Vegetable Soup *LINK*

Of course, you probably remember that I am a vegetarian (and usually avoid eggs and dairy as well as any form of animal, bird or fish), so I made changes to the recipe such as substituting Butler's Soy Curls for the chicken and using a "no-chicken" broth. I also substituted for Zatarain's Yellow Rice mix, which contains MSG. In addition to that, I used all of the vegetables they suggested PLUS Fordhook lima beans and okra! So, I guess by the time I made all those changes, it was basically a new recipe! Lol!

Here's a link to the recipe I started with:

Speaking of soup, I'm going out to make a pot of another kind as soon as I finish answering your question. I'm a big soup fan - especially during the chilly winter months.

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Today was National Home Made Soup Day
Re: Today was National Home Made Soup Day
Wish I had known! I have a new recipe for Taco Soup I want to make...
Hi Val! I made a big kettle of soup yesterday (the 5th). Guess I was one day late! *NM*
Re: :hi LuAnn. nancyoTX and LuAnn, what kind of soup did ou make? *NM*
chicken poblano soup *NM*
Creole Chicken and Vegetable Soup *LINK*
About the only soup I make these days is Broccoli-Cheese,