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Ever been mislead by a food label?

DH and I like these dips Kroger carries, made by "la terra firma". We usually get the Spinach & Parmesan or the Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan. So, yesterday, DH browsed by and decided to get the Green Chili & Cheese flavor. He proceeded to chow down last night after supper and declared, "This $h1/ is Hot!"

He tolerated it for several bites and put it back in the fridge. He liked the flavor of the dip, but the heat was just too much for him.

This morning, I examined the ingredients list on the back. Always read the INGREDIENTS LIST! Second on the list after cream cheese was Jalapeno peppers (!). Well, technically, jalapeno IS a green chili, but when we see the term "green chili" in Texas, we think of mild green chilis. And further down on the list was roasted Anaheim peppers. Anaheim is supposed to be rather mild, depending on where it is grown, but top that with jalapeno from the start and, well...

I just finished it off tonight, and I like it. But that's me. DH can't do burning mouth stuff.

My point is--don't trust the front label. Words like "pure", "natural", "no sugar added", etc. That is simply marketing. It's designed to persuade consumers into buying a product that might not really be what they are looking for. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

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Ever been mislead by a food label?
The ones that get us are "no sugar added" or "sugar free."
Yes, it's challenging for diabetics. Even some of the artificial