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I knew, but I don't necessarily follow that. I keep peanut butter in the fridge to keep it from going rancid, as we don't use it often. Same for olive oil and avocado oil. I freeze nuts and excess chips and crackers for the same reason, to keep the oils in them from going rancid. I knew butter could stay out, but I refrigerate it.

Parsley, I put in a glass of water in the fridge with a bag over the top to keep it humid.

Soy sauce and pickles, I just keep them in there out of habit. And I prefer cold pickles.

Some of that article is misleading. Although they showed CUT melons, they didn't bother to mention that once a melon is cut, it needs to be refrigerated, else it will sour really quickly. Same for tomatoes. Also, if ketchup is left out, it will begin to sour and ferment over time.

And the squash was laughable. The text said WINTER squash, but the picture was SUMMER squash. The harder squashes like acorn and hubbard can stay on the counter (until cut). Zucchini and yellow crookneck need refrigeration.

I didn't know about tomatoes until about 10 years ago.

I couldn't keep all that stuff on the counter if I wanted to anyway--not enough counter space as it is. Good article overall, though!

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I freeze bread, too. *NM*