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I did promise not to mention the "s" word, so I'll mention

the other stuff I've been doing lately. grin

Besides the 3 "s" quarts (1 purple, 2 green), I did a quart of giardiniera, then another half gallon of it, a pint of beet kvass, a trial run of a pint of garlic (which has to sit a very long time to become mild enough to eat raw, like 6 months or more), and two days ago, I packed a half gallon jar of asparagus in brine. It was on sale, and I just couldn't resist. It hasn't begun to bubble much yet, but I'm patiently waiting.

Not wanting to buy a SCOBY (acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast--jellied/pancake-looking starter thingie for kombucha, which is just fermented tea), I decided to try and grow one myself. It will take at least a couple of weeks, maybe more, for this thing to form so I can use it to make kombucha. It looks like a slight bubbly ring is beginning to form around the top of the liquid, so I'm hopeful it will eventually form together to make a solid mass.

I just discovered kefir recently. I had heard of it before, but never tasted it. Supposedly, it has more strains of probiotics than yogurt, so I bought a couple of flavors of the Lifeway brand. Pretty tart, like real Greek yogurt, except it's drinkable instead of spoonable. I never did really enjoy eating yogurt, which is odd since I adore sour cream, but anyway...I may or may not attempt to make this drink someday, but I'm considering it.

If I get around to it tomorrow, I will jar up some cocktail onions which are waiting in the fridge. And I bought a small batch of jalapeno peppers to do (again, if I get around to it). If I don't soon get tired of this, one of these days I want to do Brussels sprouts, broccoli, fresh summer okra, salsa and maybe some kind of fermented hot sauces. Definitely the okra.

Fermentation lab going on here. This is alive and healthy and SO much easier than canning. And I'm having so much fun learning. :fw

In retrospect, I might have made a good hippie, except that I don't smoke weed (or anything else now), would never be able to tolerate communal living, and I need to shower every day and wear clean clothes. I'm just a natural person, although not grossly natural.

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I did promise not to mention the "s" word, so I'll mention
:thup sounds like you are having fun! *NM*
Until today. I spent a couple hours skinning a quart of cocktail onions.