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Re: Do you wash your grocery items?

I normally did not wipe down cans and boxes when I returned from grocery shopping. I had a friend who would wash every can before putting them in her cupboards. Since a lot of my items are stored on built-in shelving on the stairway going down into my basement, and tend to get dusty before I use them, I do wash them before I open them.

I haven't bought much since this crisis started. Of the few things my daughter has picked up for me, I do wipe them down with antibacterial wipes. (Cartons of milk and eggs, a bottle of orange juice and a box of cereal) As for fresh fruits and vegetables, I am staying away from them "until further notice". I WAS getting all of them at a produce market where you pick out a handful of green beans, brussell sprouts, okra, etc. Larger items are also sold that way. A head of lettuce is wrapped, but not a bunch of romaine, bibb or leaf lettuce or broccoli or red and green peppers and most fruits. I bought some of that 3 weeks ago, but now I don't think I want to pick up those things that someone with the virus might have handled. But most of that is gone. We will use the frozen things I have and when they run out, we will do without.

I think even when this is deemed"over" many people will continue to wash items just to "be better safe than sorry".

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Do you wash your grocery items?
Re: Do you wash your grocery items?
I normally didn't wash groceries, either, but this
You too Cathy! I did respond to a post several days before this one where you asked
I've let up a little now. I figure germs on solid things will inactivate over several days. I hope! *NM*