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Hi, Jill, sounds like just about everyone else.
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Funny thing, decades ago, our neighbors came outside a lot, not so much any more. Except now, the fellow across the street read his newspaper on his front porch in a lawn chair yesterday. And the neighbors next door sat out on their front porch a couple of days ago for a while. Usually, it takes a power failure to bring our neighbors outside these days, haha. I guess everyone is getting cabin fever, odd what a pandemic will do.

I went to Walmart last week, first time I'd been in a store since March 21st. I usually enjoy grocery shopping, but I felt constricted in a mask and didn't tarry long.

I'm kind of busier than usual. Lots of sewing--masks and DH brought home 4 pair of slacks he had ordered for me to hem, and we discovered we have termites in a windowsill eating holes in it. An exterminator is coming in a couple of weeks, so I'm having to remove everything from under sinks. He will have to make a hole in my computer room wall which is on the other side of my bathtub drain. That wall has built-in bookshelves on it that house my video tapes and DVDs. I haven't really thoroughly dusted it and the contents in several years, so I have managed to clean all that except three shelves (there are 35 total) which I will finish today or this weekend. If nothing else, I'm getting some things done that I should have been doing anyway.

And the cooking--GADS! Nothing new, as I have to, for DH's keto diet. I don't mind the cooking so much, but there are lots of dirty pans and utensils every day.

So there's that!

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Hi, Jill, sounds like just about everyone else.
Hi Jill and Cathy (and whomever else might be here incognito...),
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