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Hi Jill and Cathy (and whomever else might be here incognito...),

I don't have anything profound to say. If I were to begin describing all that has happened even in the last week...! Whew! I'm glad God put a seventh day at the end of the week and instructed us to REST. I'm ready! Like Cathy, I haven't been out of the house save to doctor's appointments and to run my daughter to and from work...since...let's see...March 12, I think! March 10, Kristina and her children arrived for what was to be a two week visit. (I know I mentioned this in an earlier post). Almost 2 months later, they're still here. Obviously, with a 6, 10 (on Sunday) and 12 year old sheltering in place with us, we have no lack of noise or activity! The living room floor is once again cluttered with Legos, books, craft projects, leaves, sticks...they even had a turtle crawling around in here a couple of days ago! I told them the turtle needed to go back outside (along with the leaves and sticks). LOL!

Because of their various dietary restrictions and preferences, I can't be a typical Grandma, baking up fresh cookies etc. Rosee is a Type 1 diabetic, so low carb and low sugar...Rosee and Cedric are gluten intolerant, so no to a bunch of other stuff too. They eat only plant-based (vegan) and try to use everything possible organic, non-gmo etc. I could either say it takes the joy out of cooking, or that I'm faced with a "fun" new cooking challenged everyday.

Today, I made them gluten free spaghetti, tossed with homemade pesto (organic basil, EVOO, hemp hearts, garlic and lemon), with organic tomato/spaghetti sauce drizzled over that. Side of organic steamed cauliflower. They were happy! I was happy (another meal successfully accomplished). It was good enough that they want me to make it again!

All the family is well - for which I'm very grateful, especially since 6 of the 8 of us have been actively involved in healthcare during this time. A quick update on my blood clot, which has been with me now for nearly a month. The painful part is over, thank GOD! But, I have developed more! I've had a string of tests related to veins, lungs, heart etc. and more to come. Hopefully this is all much ado about nothing. And that's all I'll say about that for now.

I hope you are all well too! Are people beginning to go back to work in your locales? I think most of the country has heard about our governor and some of her (excuse me, but...) outlandish rulings. Can't buy seeds?! Can't buy paint?! etc. Thankfully, she's relaxed a bit, but, we're still to stay in until mid-May (at least). Restrictions will gradually continue to be lifted...though I have the feeling it will be awhile before we're free to move about here in Michigan! It was good to see the sun out today and see flowers blooming and trees budding. All is not gloom and doom!

Happy Spring! Happy May Day! :smile

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Hi, Jill, sounds like just about everyone else.
Hi Jill and Cathy (and whomever else might be here incognito...),
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