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What we're doing during Covid
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In some ways my life hasn’t changed much. In other ways it has changed majorly.

My usual weekly activities were a trip to Walmart once a week and an “errand day” once a month. My DH has been doing the shopping since about March 21.

About 4 years ago my DH made the change to working remotely via computer here at home, and only went to the office occasionally, and on week-long trips 3 or 4 times a quarter. He is under No-Travel orders now.

My MIL, who came to live with us about 4 years ago, fell and broke her hip and shoulder March 20 and has been in the hospital or rehab since then, with no visiting due to Covid.

A stray cat adopted us in mid December, and had 5 kittens in mid March. They are constantly underfoot and making thumping noises as they play. The mother doesn’t want them litter box trained for some reason, and we have lots of messes to clean up (that seems to be getting better)

We have been keeping the two grandkids 3-1/2 days a week as their parents work. DD is in health care but with limited exposure. DSIL is in law enforcement, but with orders to minimize contact for minor infractions (no traffic tickets unless blatant behavior.)

We do Sunday School through Zoom meetings, Sunday morning worship through live streaming on YouTube.

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Hi, Jill, sounds like just about everyone else.
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What we're doing during Covid
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