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in the last 2 months than in a long time. Many of my friends here see me posting on Facebook what I am making and are wanting to move in with us. Ha! I've done a lot of baking and been sharing it with friends. Soon our heat of summer will prevent me from wanting to do much baking. I'm hoping our governor allows salons to open soon as I needed a haircut when everything shut down. Haven't had hair this long in ages. I made some face masks. One shipment to my daughter was placed in someone else's mailbox and sad to say it was never found out who has it. Second smaller package I sent was received. So disheartening people will keep things that aren't theirs. They were a unique fabric so if someone in her neighborhood wears them...just sayin'...

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Hi, Jill, sounds like just about everyone else.
Hi Jill and Cathy (and whomever else might be here incognito...),
What we're doing during Covid
Re: What we're doing during Covid
Hi Pat!
:hi LuAnn! It was good to see your update too
Re: I have been doing more cooking
Re: I have been doing more cooking