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What do you mean? What do I need to be careful of? Do you mean the

fat will get too hot, or not to do too big of a piece? I'm not understanding why I shouldn't do the skin from a whole chicken? If I were to do it, I think I would cut larger pieces in strips or something like that. I have never eaten pork rinds, so I am not sure what they should look like either. (Please forgive my ignorance of how to do this.)

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:rectnt Georgia Cracker Salad :oed
What do you like to add, Cathy, in addition to the basic ingredients? *NM*
Yes, what else? Sorry, but it looks like not my thing as is. *NM*
The original recipe comes from a 1938 depresseion era cookbook,
Speaking of pork rinds, I make chicken rinds.
Yes, I love crispy chicken skins! *NM*
Oh my! That sounds so good! My favorite part of the chicken has always been the wings, and
Be careful if you do a whole chicken's skin. I've never done more than maybe half or quarter that *NM*
That would be just enough to tick me off. :LOL
Probably use in chicken sausage or ground chicken. *NM*
I was thinking that, too. Or even lunch meat or hot dogs. *NM*
What do you mean? What do I need to be careful of? Do you mean the
I'm just not sure how well they would crisp up and brown. Plus they put out lots of fat as they cook *NM*
This doesn't answer your question, but since you've never eaten pork rinds,
Actually, in the microwave they DO puff up. I rendered fat from them for years and threw the skin
Well, thanks Di! I wonder how they would do fried in oil,
:thanks to both of you. I need to try this. *NM*
yesssssss! I told marty "someone" should take
Yep, I use the toaster oven, too! *NM*
Cathy, this reminds me of Seven-Layer Salad, or what some call 24 Hour salad -
I always start first with a reduced recipe of anything I make